Economy Bus Indonesia Review

When they said economy, it means really economi. No aircon ( altough some of them have, will be written “ac tarif biasa” if so. Literally translation will be Aircon with regular tarif). I took this when Im broke, or when I am in myhometown because hard to find the aircon one, or both. 
Some people expect clean and good bus even it is economy. But dont expect it in Indonesia, at least in java and Jakarta. An aquintaces who trying to do backpaker is upset because he got no better bus when need to travel to Borobudur. So, if you prefer the clean one, find the one with aircon, the rate also very reasonable, not pricy at all. For example from Surabaya to Probolinggo only need to pay 30k IDR or about 2.5 USD. The price of the bus is written in some bus station, you just need to find out. There is a big screen showing the price. Also, in some of the bus, they have sticker in the window showing their tarif. 
So, this is all from me now. Wanna share your economy bus in Indonesia experience?


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