Indonesian Public Transport Review part one (Angkot)

Angkot is an abreviation of angkutan kota. Many grabcar, gojek, grabbike available but just, just maybe you want to try. For me it is dirty, dusty, and so many wind can come in. Dont take this whe you dressing up, absoloutly. Fare is about 5000 IDR. Is ot worth it? If you want to act like local sure worth it, new experience, right? But if you are a hygine and cleanliness freak better not take. Will hurt yoursoul, haha…
For me busway or transjakarta is better, cleaner, have aircon, cheapher price, have very big route. But only Jakarta have busway ya. Other part of Indonesia mostly not. Maybe in Yogyakarta have busway alike but other than that, not really. Also, some place dont have gojek, regular ojek (motorcyle transport vehicle) is abit pricy and not everywhere have. Some cab also sucks. Thats why when I want to save and not dress up and act like beggar. This one I try haha. Cheers…


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