I like Sale because we pay what it worthed. Sometimes branded stuff is overpriced, with low salary (when I do work) Even when I buy sale, mysalary finish still haha. What I likw the most is 75%, but mostly they already have minus. Like the colours is fade up. The thread is everywhere or something like that. But sometimes, they are just nice. So just keep looking for best condition with best price.
Shop mostly give price deduction in friday, saturday, monday. Why I like sale. Because mymom have a shop that sell clothes, bag, shoes and everything mostly. So that I know how much is the capital for them to buy one stuff, or at least nearly. Many branded stuff also made in China. Only the designer is in Japan or Erupoe or USA. Some do have factory in Indonesia where the people salary can be as low as below 200 usd, in their supplier factory. Some of them also have factory in india where they can press their budget. So what is the point ya? The originality is the same. Cina. Just the brand different. Well, once I talk with a chief man of an textil organitation in Indonesia. He said that the one that having brand are really picky. From thread to other thread from a frabric to another fabric. They made it from bottom. Even they care about the cotton. Do the supplier using people underage to work with them. If I am not mistaken, h&m is cutting their cotton supplier in Bangladesh because they made children to work for them. They care ya.
Anyway about caring. Have you ever been thinking. If you buy things so cheap. How much the salary of the company worker in factory, how much the salary of the sales girl, how much and how much. Just… if you buy things so cheap, will you think about that. Do they treat theiremployee good? Having good future or just outsorcing with one year end contract and they will again do job seeking. Do they will have emough for they food? They rent? They transport? Because once in the past. Long long time ago, I got paid like IDR 10k/1 USD perday to be a sales girl in a shop when I run away from home. In the morning till midnight (cause it was new year). I knew something similiar is still happening now. Just, do you want to see? Or want to close youreyes?


4 thoughts on “Sale

      1. of course.. we had same view in that matter..
        it is impossible to be perfect equality but at the very least,, the lowest level of the poor should able to have their basic needs fulfilled.
        but how do you think it can be accomplished?


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